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702 Main St
Winters, CA 95694

Winters, CA 95694

(530) 795-2261

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Records Division

The Records Division administers data entry of cases, citations, warrants, and subpoenas in addition to interfacing with the Department of Justice and dispersing copies of reports. Additionally this unit prepares and distributes crime prevention materials, maintains social media outreach, and staffs the front counter of the business office. Records is staffed Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding weekends and holidays. For additional information, or questions regarding our full list of services, please contact the Records Division by phone at (530) 794-6720.

Property and Evidence

Property/Evidence division administers property and evidence collection, storage, and disposal. Property seized by the Police Department, is under the protection of the Police Department and released by appointment only. To make an appointment or for or questions regarding property, evidence or lost items please contact our Property/Evidence Division by phone at 530-794-6725.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Jimenez, Gail Administrative Coordinator (530) 795-2261 ext 120  
Gonzalez, Andrea Community Services Officer (530) 795-2261 ext 125  
Duenas, Shelly Community Services Officer (530) 795-2261 ext 123