Natural Resources Commission

The role of the Natural Resources Commission is to advise the City Council, staff, and the community in natural resources and environmental sustainability, conservation, and preservation. The commission intends to be a working committee that will serve as a source of technical expertise and to assist staff as a “force multiplier” for staff assigned and other projects by conducting research, preparing reports, and developing recommendations. The Natural Resource Commission was established after being proposed to the City Council in July of 2021 as a reconstitute of the Winters Putah Creek Committee (WPCC). The Winters Putah Creek Committee (WPCC) was created in 2006 to oversee the restoration and public use of Putah Creek and the public lands adjacent to Dry Creek. The Committee’s work also included the development of the Putah Creek Master Plan and a Vegetation Master Plan for the creek area, which are complete, as well as the coordination of various creek clean-up projects. The new commission would have an advisory role related to expanded environmental matters, including topics related to geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, soils, ecology, the atmosphere, and biology associated with aquatic life, vegetation, bird life, and animals.

Natural Resources Commission Members

Kurt Balasek Yes Yes *8/2008 *8/2024 Mayor Bill Biasi designee
Eric Jepsen Yes Yes *1/2023 *12/2026 Mayor Pro Tem Al Vallecillo designee
Kate Laddish Yes Yes *1/2023 *12/2026 Councilmember Jesse Loren designee
 Miles DePrato Yes Yes *11/2023 *12/2026 Councilmember Carol Scianna designee
Rich Marovich Yes Yes *1/2023 *12/2026 Councilmember Richard Casavecchia designee
Dennis Klikenny Yes No *8/2019 *8/2025 LPCCC Council designee