Community Events

Winters hosts regular community events, such as the July 3rd Fireworks show and the Tractor Parade. Learn more about these events and how to participate below.

  1. July 3rd
  2. Tractor Parade
  3. Santa's Workshop

July 3rd Fireworks

The City of Winters host an annual firework show, in recent years this event has brought upward of 5,000 people to enjoy in the festivities. Continuing with last years successful event the fireworks will be shot off behind the high school. The City will be hosting a viewing area on the high school football field where families and friend can gather and picnic leading up to the show (see below graphic regarding rule for the location and event) The City has secured multiple delicious food trucks and vendors and we hope to see you there (Check the City of Winters Facebook and Instagram for more information regarding food trucks and vendors).


We’re looking for volunteers to help us with the July 3rd Fireworks Show: parking attendants, food truck wranglers, welcome team at the football field gates, and a pick-up crew the next day. More information is here. To register as a volunteer, visit . A big thank you to Taylor Buley for coordinating the volunteers again this year! It’s a great way to spend time with neighbors and friends and contribute to a much-loved community event.


If you would like to donate to support the fireworks show, please drop a check into the payment box in front of City Hall – or mail it in – marking “fireworks show” on the memo line or click the link to donate via paypal. We’re hoping to raise about $16,000. The total cost of the event is about $20,000, including $18,000 for the actual fireworks show.